The History of the Sept

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The History of the Sept

Postby Rose » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:48 pm

"Our caern was historically quite small. Our bawn's gotten pretty big, admittedly, for a caern so small. It was originally all centered around the tree, which was a beautiful glade discovered by the children of Uktena. The Sept of the Lost Coast was initially created as an Uktena sister sept to the Wendigo's Sept of Six Rivers to the north, and an ancient spirit summoned from the far south to take it into its care. When man's attention stripped away the mysteries of San Francisco, Fog's attention began to drift, and he travelled up and down the Lost Coast. Back in those days, the bawn didn't reach that far beyond the Great Tree's shadow, and a temple was erected in its honor, one that has since by swallowed by the earth."

"As most stories of American septs go, the sept was largely undisturbed for quite some time. The Redwoods have seen a healthy number of cryptids, some even suspected by the Uktena to be long lost Fera. There was plenty to do to keep entertained, and the sept was kept safe. A great upheaval was feared when the Iron Riders began to explore the area in the 19th Century. An Iron Rider philodox, his kin brother and a human friend of theirs discovered the area in 1852 and arranged a settlement in the area that would become Newberry Glen. There were great tensions at first as another seven men moved into the cabin built in the location of the Walton Building, but Stephen Walton took great pains to meet, understand and respect Kiwelattah, the sept alpha at the time. The two had many meetings and sessions, and the peace was officiated in 1853 and commemorated with a portrait of Kiwelattah that now sits in Town Hall. The town of Newberry Glen was built as a joint effort between the tribes, intended as a haven for kin and a demonstration of progress for all, rather than the isolationist ideations of most of the European garou."

"In 1860, the Wiyot Massacre near Eureka threatened to plunge the sept and settlers into war, but the increasing number of settlers turned their attention to protections of the Wiyot, staving off aggressions from the north. It was discovered that the massacre was orchestrated by leeches moving into the area, and the tribes bonded once more over a mutual enemy. Stephen Walton became the Wyrm Foe to lead the battles against the leeches, after which he was promoted to Sept Beta. He stayed in the position for many years before becoming the first non-Uktena alpha of the sept after the passing of Kiwelattah."

"The message and intentions of the sept earned attention from others abroad, particularly attracting my tribe, the Children of Gaia, who began to populate the area quite heavily in the latter bits of the 19th century. The Uktena remained a prominent portion of the sept before thinning out in the latter half of the 20th century, but the sept became increasingly mixed, though unified."

"In the early parts of the 20th century, the Sept of the Redwoods was formed, and our sept experienced no small number of clashes of dominance. It was in these days that the Waltons truly made a name for themselves, not as architects of the town but as a strong line of garou and kin who could withstand any political assault. Tensions settled after a few decades, though things weren't particularly amicable."

"Around the mid-century came the tale of Shok-Sthola, which is particularly long in and of itself, and will likely be sung again at the moot. But an eldritch horror of the wyld was discovered off the coast, and a number of garou died trying to fight it, or the cultists who worshipped it that lived in town. The theurges of the sept travelled far and wide before uncovering a ritual called the Rite of Leaves that could bind and ward the wyld safely, and it was performed to contain Shok-Sthola, who slumbers in the depths." No big deal.

"Roughly ten years later was the Christmas Flood of '64, which actually originated further to the north, but still submerged the vast majority of the town. We lost an immense number of records in the flood, but it encouraged us to rebuild. With the spirit of the town and sept reinvigorated, we were also inspired to build lodging closer to the sept. When most packs didn't seem interested in using it, a Child of Gaia Theurge thought it would be a good opportunity to foster our kin, and opened Camp Walton in '76."

"The 80's saw a significant resurgence of leeches. Some warring factions clashed in Eureka, and they seemed to decide that Newberry Glen would be where the losers settled, so significant efforts were diverted to ensuring they stayed out of our town. Still, their influence was toxic, and this would mark the catalyst of the sept's downfall. Over the years, Camp Walton was abandoned in favor of other projects, and gradually the bawn extended to envelop it."

"The next few decades had a number of skirmishes, more than any great events for the sept. Most recently was a new push from the leeches several years ago that cost us dearly. As the years wound on, hubris and infighting thinned out a lot of our numbers until we found we could no longer support the previous sept totem. In the past few months, Pipe Dreams and I have undertaken an ambitious project and found a new sept totem, Mouse, who you all know, and then we sent out a call to repopulate." She smiled fondly. "And as a result, here we are today. More a sept history than a city history, but the city's history can be found in books, where the sept's history cannot. I'm sure that likely begs more questions than it answers, for which I apologize." She laughed lightly. "But there it is."
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