Tales from the Chorus: War and Perfection

All tales sung publicly. Everything here is considered to be common knowledge.
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Tales from the Chorus: War and Perfection

Postby Chroma » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:40 pm

Some of you may think I have a bias, given my penchant for telling Wyld tales. You're not wrong, but I do try to tell whatever stories I can find, so long as they are safe to retell. This tale was told to me by a tiny Pattern Spider that has been toiling on the Sept of Eden's Bliss for months now, attempting to build an Umbral reflection of one of our Sept's homid houses, and at the behest of the Children of Gaia on the Sept it has been permitted to remain so long as it is non-hostile.

Its name is a string of letters and numbers, but has agreed to allow itself be referred to as 'Asterisk' due to two missing legs which it has not yet properly regrown. It is uncertain whether the Wyld's influence is the source of the creature's strange behavior and willingness to speak, but it is worth considering regardless. I would like to take this time to add that while I do not agree with the philosophies expressed in this story, they are something that is valuable to understand.

I admit that I had to ask for explanations of many of the terms I heard in this story; I provide a bit of commentary to help with that.

Information requested: chain of events leading to this unit's relocation to Wyld-aspected Sept? Acknowledged. Processing! It is believed that this information will assist in helping you achieve perfection. Anecdote loading. Please hold! ... Anecdote loaded. Proceeding!
Incident Location: 47.619032, -122.351080! Incident Time: 03:17:2016:20:27:56:05
(I learned later that this meant it was in Seattle near the end of Winter, in the evening. Perhaps a few months shy of two years ago as of this telling.)

This unit was working with five other units of equivalent designation and two Combat-designated larger units for the larger purposes of TACTICAL DATA REDACTED. Simplifying description patterns for more effective anecdotal transmission to Wyld-aspected creatures.
We were building! Open-Angle-Bracket Three! (Not sure what this means, but it seemed friendly enough.)

Tension on local strands of the Gauntlet. Apprehension levels increase! Sensory apparatus deployed, searching for source of tension. Searching. Searching.

Strands of the Gauntlet tear and snap! Apprehension levels increase! Allied unit scuttles through from the Deep Umbra. Designation: Chaos Monitor. Alarm! Status: Injuries sustained. Carapace blackened, corrosive materials detected. Apprehension levels increase! Current level: fear! Alarm! Alarm! Close-Angle-Bracket-Colon-Omicron!

Chaos Monitor begins self-repair routine. Combat units initiate preparatory routines. Pattern Spider units begin assistance with Chaos Monitor repair.
Light levels drop one thousand lumens!
Air purity drops thirty percent!
Apprehension levels increase!
All strands, tension increases!
All units on high alert!
The Gauntlet parts, and two Banes of equivalent size and power to the Chaos Monitor ooze out after the Chaos Monitor.
Apprehension levels increase! Current level: abject terror!

Combat units engage the Banes. Weapons ineffective. Chaos Monitor wounds one Bane, but is rendered immobile by corrosive sludge and damage to multiple limbs. Combat units swiftly destroyed. Apprehension levels increase!
This unit has reached maximum capacity for emotional response of fear. Situation assessed: if this unit distracts Banes, other units besides wounded Chaos Monitor can escape. Net loss to resources decreased. Plan accepted. Enacting! Close-Angle-Bracket-Colon-Open-Parenthesis!

Plan successful. Other units have fled. Current situation: held aloft by Bane tentacles. Survival probability with current input: 0.01%
Bane removes leg apparatus 03 with corrosive liquid. This Unit attempts to disengage tactile sensors, but tactile sensors are immediately reactivated by angry Bane.
Bane removes leg apparatus 07 with corrosive liquid.
This Unit hopes to cease function soon.

Abrupt reassessment: This unit has observed new data. Biological creatures approaching Banes from other side.
Designation: ... Garou!
Garou initiate combat with Banes - repair effects used on Chaos Monitor. Chaos Monitor begins highly effective retaliation!
Apprehension levels decrease! Survival probability rising! Colon-Omicron!
Combat continues! Garou and Chaos Monitor gain tactical advantage!
Bane 01 rendered non-functional!
Bane 02 rendered non-functional!

Aftermath: Garou unit stops to assess status of this unit. This unit is damaged but functional. Service to Weaver acknowledged. Emotional response: gratitude!

This unit requested reassignment within proximity to Garou. Purpose: to assist Garou in achieving perfection in response to aid provided. Request acknowledged, subsequently granted. This unit works here now.

Personal addendum to anecdote: Some Garou express concern that this unit and other servants like this unit are hostile to Garou. False! This unit experiences joy for existence of Garou, and will attempt to preserve and perfect you. It is known that perfection provokes a fear response to many biological creatures, including Garou. This unit understands fear responses now. Unless overridden by greater orders, this unit will not attempt to calcify Garou or other entities within Wyld Sept until those entities have decided that they are ready. When you are ready for calcification, just ask! We will help you. We are here to help you become perfect.
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