Falcon's Shining Light's First Tale

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Falcon's Shining Light's First Tale

Postby Heidi » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:34 pm

A tale told to me by a Silver Fang Galliard named "Helios's Brighter Tales" and this is how it went:

When “Falcon’s Shining Light” awoke he found his bed cold, his mate gone, and his children missing. A faint smell of sweet incense which later he found out was a sleeping drug, when he went to move, silver burned at his wrists and ankles. They weren’t thick but they were pure, and after a while he was able to break free still painfully the chains burned and cuffed him. With some quick thinking he was finally able to fully break free.

Getting dressed the Galliard, grabbed his leathers, his blade and then went to follow the trail and where it went; for his mate and children were his life and his joy. Then to the heart of the house he reached out with the Scent of Distinction, to see if he could find out what happened, if not then Oaksong from the wooden floors so he could see what or where his family was or was taken.

Time passed, his wife seeming under a spell gathered the children, one on each hip then left barefoot out of the house, opening the door, he saw her barefoot prints then there were more, some 6 toed and the wretched smell of the wyrm he could smell.

Letting his pack know he headed on his way, seeking his mate, his children and the BSD’s they were with. They joined him at first, but the trail soon grew cold, but he kept going, looking and after years he found the scent of the sleep sticks again.

He laid wait, then to his surprise a lovely young lady left a house with a baby in her arms, watching a Silver Fang breed girl, headed away. [b]”Suddenly appeared a huge BSD in hispo, she climbed on it’s back with the baby, and it was off. Using camouflage, stealth and abilities learned in his travels hunting this pack, he followed them to the hive. There was his mate waiting with open arms, for what had been his oldest daughter now with a child, handing the child over to his wife - who was obviously now crazy from her service to the wyrm. A young man holding on to her leg must of been his son, but his sister scared him too, and there he clutched his mother’s leg.

It wasn’t a big hive, then the hispo wolf changed to … a man he recognized from the old sept where they had lived, he pulled his daughter’s head back kissing her grossly and looked ot his mate. ‘Another to offer” meaning the child and they went into the small hive.

Calling forth Luna’s Armor, the Gallard went in and the battle was epic, he killed his former mate easily. The man she left him for shifted, it was claws, sword, silver claws, his former daughter fired a gun with silver bullets at him, but the boy rushed her causing the bullets to hit the BSD and not “Falcon’s Shining Light.” She shot the boy for his trouble, but in the struggle for the gun she was shot as well, when the fight was done, he looked around - all were dead but him and the baby.

He was greatly wounded, a battle scar to remind him of what happened, and setting up to burn the hive, he found his former mates diary, he grabbed it and then set about to cleanse the small hive. Flipping through the diary, it seemed his wife was tempted by a crazy ancestor who lead her to the fallen garou, as he went to read their crimes, after the cleansing took place.” He took the child back to the house to find it full of slaughter, so now he was a Galliard with a baby but that they say is a different story to tell.
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