[Player Poll] Additional Backgrounds

What additional backgrounds should we add?

Rites (for kin)
Fetishes (for kin)
Please don't add any
Total votes: 67

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[Player Poll] Additional Backgrounds

Postby The Mists » Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:58 am

We've gotten some feedback that kin feel they don't have enough available backgrounds, especially at character creation. While there are some backgrounds I'm just not willing to add from Revised and W20 supplements (numen, equipment, garou favor, renown), I wanted to know if you wanted to add these others to game.

Vote for whatever you like. Whatever gets more votes than "please don't add any" we will work on incorporating into game.

But I didn't start with them!
We'll be allowing you to shuffle background points to get a spread you feel is more appropriate, though you won't be able to get a score higher than what you have. For example, if you have Contacts 3, Allies 2, you can convert it into:
- Influence 3 and Fame 2, OR
- Contacts 1, Allies 1, Influence 2, Fame 1
- But NOT Influence 4, Contacts 1

But wait... I already have one of these.
Fffffff you're not supposed to. O.o I must have missed it in character creation. IDEALLY, if it's not on the sheet (like cosmology and numen, etc.), it's not sanctioned for play. Soooo you can convert it into an approved background if it doesn't become sanctioned in this survey, or we can talk about an alternate route.

This won't be the minigame it is in LARP. There's one background, and it goes from 1-5. The basis would be like the write-up in V20 p.114-115 (my phone isn't letting me C&P) with an adjusted scale to fit out our town/game. It'll end up a roll you can make to get things done. And at 4&5, you can specialize in particular groups to get extra successes on 10s.

As per V20 p.114, though we'd definitely tweak the scale to suit our town/game, or cap around 2.

Starting kinfolk PCs (only) can come in with rites and fetishes. Kin rites, but rites. Fetishes will also be preferred as kin fetishes, but guarding a garou fetish could be cool. Either way, fetishes would be highly restricted as they're not particularly common.

Why not the others?
Numen requires too much ST attention and more mechanics than we want to with with. Having a mechanics-free spirit buddy is fine.

Garou Favor can be added in a backstory as pure flavor when appropriate, and doesn't need points attached. We also don't want to saturate game with all these stories of kinfolk more badass than garou.

Renown is a headache enough for garou, and not a mechanic we'd want to add for kin. I'd suggest Reputation, or Fame if it's approved.

Equipment is too crunchy for me. I don't want to restrict people with "well you don't have an Equipment 3," etc. If you want fancy things, just ask when you enter play.

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Re: [Player Poll] Additional Backgrounds

Postby The Medusae » Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:07 pm

Alrighty, the game has spoken! New backgrounds for kin it is!

I'll work on adding these to the sheet template and making notes about them this weekend.

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