Personal Plot Requests for Staff

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Personal Plot Requests for Staff

Postby The Medusae » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:46 am

Please note, this only covers plot arc requests made using the Want Ads template, not ‘Scenes for Staff’ requests.

If you have a personal plot (i.e. something that requires more than a single scene) and would like to see it added to the queue, please fill out the Plot Wanted template and place it in a post in your character forum.


Austin: Ghosts of the Past - Level 2 - In Progress
Pitch: In 2012, Austin struck and killed 2 college students who were on their way home for Thanksgiving break, a man and a woman who were planning on announcing an engagement to their families. Both died horribly on scene. Their ghosts will try to reach out to mediums, but for what purpose? Justice? Revenge?

Wings of Glory: Redwoods Sept - Level 3
Pitch: Paxton thinks it very important to announce the presence of his pack in the vicinity to the local Silver Fangs, and establish at least a working relationship. He's quite interested in meeting Blood Eagle.

Baz: Family Conflict - Level 2
Pitch: Baz is called back home to Mad River to deal with a family matter: a death, maybe, or a sept matter relating to the wildlife center. While there, he has to face his parents and/or other members of the Sept of the Redwoods.

Codi: Enemy Flaw - Level 2 - In Progress
Pitch: Codi's not-father is a BSD Ahroun, last seen being plowed off a cliff on the fender of her mother’s car somewhere outside Reno, NV. Despite losing her trail, he’s never stopped looking for her.

Katerina: Enemy Flaw - Level 2 - In Progress
Pitch: While living in New York Kat ran afoul of a drug runner (and fomori) named Nicky Solero. The heat of the case she built against him and the destruction of part of his crew by the Rohirrim forced him to pull up his operation and move after years of work. Naturally, he's not happy about it and may come around looking for payback.

Zaria’s stalker


Level 5 Plot

Alexandra: Heritage Plot
Pitch: Alexandra bears a significant amount of pure breed and spirit heritage. However, she does not know what Gaian hero she is descended from or where Stormcrow’s Blood came into her line. Would love to find out where this comes from.

Katerina: Parental Tension
Pitch: One of the reasons Isolde and Kat moved out to NBG was to get out from under more traditional Septs so Isolde could eventually challenge to take Kat as a mate. At some point, whenever staff feels it is dramatically appropriate, Petyr sends a Fenrir to challenge for Kat to bring her home.

Spirit Tracker: Facing the Tyrant King
Pitch: I would like someone from his Home Sept come to find him. Eventually, his father will need to be dealt with, and actually put down as a corrupt-but-not-fallen Garou, and effectively relieve the Sept of Steel Stones from a growing tyranny due to the increased madness and hubris of his father.

Saffron: Breaking the Curse
Pitch: Saffron's family has been cursed for generations. They don't know why the curse was laid in the first place or how to fix it. I'm looking forward to exploring that.

Tyler: Breaking the Curse
Pitch: Two years prior to game start, Tyler and Ava (with some members of Neighborhood Watch's help) broke into a Boston museum to secure a Strider Artifact. It was guarded by something that afflicted Tyler with a wasting curse which is slowly killing him; originally it was just a spot on his hand, now it's most of the way up his left arm. Can the Eyes of Wadjet (and anyone else who wants in) find a cure--or at least the thing that cursed Tyler--in time, or is he doomed to die?

Level 4 Plot

House on Fire: Umbral Exploration
Pitch: House on Fire and the fosters take a road trip to the umbra to see what mysteries they can find and solve!

Noah: Enemy Flaw
Pitch: Noah's Enemy 5, a BSD Galliard of at least Rank 3, has finally located him and begins to plan and execute his revenge.

Level 3 Plot

Chroma: Spirit Shenanigans
Pitch: I would like a surreal Miyazaki-esque story inside the spirit bath house, please. Maybe there is a bane in disguise, or a problem between spirits that needs a diplomatic solution?

Lorelei: Abusive Ex
Pitch: Lorelei was in a relationship with another kinfolk of her tribe. He was abusive and she fled in the middle of the night with the help of Saffron, leaving him and taking their child with her. He is possibly looking for them or trying to find her to get revenge.

Level 2 Plot

Katerina: Vampires!
Pitch: Vampires run Eureka right? Vampires with legal allies and contacts? Come at me bro.

Level 1 Plot

Level Unknown/Forthcoming Want Ads/Long Term Personal Plot
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Re: Personal Plot Requests for Staff

Postby The Medusae » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:48 am


Winter's Heart: Explore the City - Level 3
Pitch: Winter's Heart wishes to travel about the city and use Scent of the True Form on anything that doesn't shy away from him. Looking to uncover something new related to the war/metaplot or find a different angle from which we can address the sept's problems. Might be an interesting scene to take the Pack out on.

Kezia: Medium Problems - Level 3
Pitch: Kezia is a medium. Let's put those powers to use!

Alexandra: Deer Hunting - Level 1
Pitch: Hunting scene. Once upon a time, Xandra made a joke about how “it’s not love until you drag a deer to her house”. Now she has a girlfriend and it’s time to put up or shut up.

Quiet Rage: Murder Shit - Level 1
Pitch: Quiet Rage, a War Pack under Wolverine, encounter minions of the Wyrm or enemies of the Sept and hope to fulfill their role as Gaia's Warriors.

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Re: Personal Plot Requests for Staff

Postby The Medusae » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:18 pm

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